SEEDS  of  REPRISAL     Monsanto vs. Michael White    

​​*Monsanto routinely claims it never sued any farmers unless they willfully violated their GMO patents. Wayne's case, which was adjudicated in 2005 in U.S. Federal Court, proves the conglomerate's claim is false. A reasonable person has to wonder why Monsanto knowingly chose to create, perpetuate and disseminate false propaganda about its products for so many years, and continues to do so. 


​​​Watch SEEDING FEAR, Neil Young's documentary about Michael's moving and harrowing story.

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Third Edition, September 15, 2014

Please note:  This book is also the definitive source for the story of Wayne White (Michael's father). Out of all the farmers Monsanto sued for GMO patent infringement, Wayne is the only one on the planet who beat the conglomerate hands down in a court of law. *

The chilling saga of a 4th generation farmers's epic battle to protect our food supply

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